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Introduction to the Gender in the Workplace Report

Extensive research has demonstrated the positive correlation between gender diversity in organisational leadership and improved business performance. Workplace gender diversity has been shown to be associated with increased national productivity and economic growth, enhanced ability of companies to attract and retain talented employees, and improved organisational reputation. Yet, despite vast empirical evidence supporting the economic and social benefits of gender-diverse work environments, women around the world still struggle to attain equality in the workplace.

With this backdrop, the question becomes: what does gender diversity look like here in the Cayman Islands? The Gender Diversity in the Cayman Islands initiative explores this and other questions pertinent to the pressing issue of gender in the workplace.

The Gender Diversity in the Cayman Islands project team is a group of passionate and committed executives who seek answers to such questions. These individuals, in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals (CISHRP), volunteered their time to investigate workplace gender diversity in the working population of the Cayman Islands.

Through the exploration of workplace dynamics, we hope to initiate a meaningful, constructive conversation about the positive role of gender diversity in the workplace.

These findings are a glimpse into the current state of affairs and an opportunity to effectively shape the future.

We hope you find this report informative, engaging, and practical.

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