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Globally there is extensive data showing that gender diversity in the organisational leadership team results in better business results. Clear benefits include improved business decisions and more engaged employees.

But what does diversity in the workplace look like here in the Cayman Islands? With no formal surveys or studies ever completed, no one can be sure.

Are we ahead of global averages?
Are we falling behind benchmarks?
We are here to find out!


The Gender in the Workplace - Cayman Islands collaboration initiative is a group of passionate people, senior executives and academics, who are volunteering their time to investigate workplace diversity, or lack of, in executive population of the Cayman Islands. We work in cooperation with Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals (CISHRP).


With this initiative we aim to increase awareness of workplace diversity in the Cayman Islands through:

  1. Polling the population of the Cayman Islands gathering data on diversity
  2. Creating opportunities to talk about diversity and the benefits of diverse workplaces
  3. Proposing targeted solutions to address workplace diversity in the Cayman Islands
  4. Bringing to the forefront a topic that may require attention and could be beneficial to the Cayman Islands society as a whole

If we can understand factors within the workplace it will be easier to develop and implement targeted initiatives to support diversity and in turn, will support better business performance.


Our project and advisory team members have donated personal time and effort to this initiative. However, to make a truly great impact in the Cayman Islands we need corporate funding:

-    To run the Gender in the Workplace - Cayman Islands survey and to publish a report
-    To develop and print materials for our round-table sessions
-    To host our talks, rent premises, and provide refreshments
-    To invite some prominent experts to share their insights with us in the Cayman Islands
-    To fund continued professional development courses for people in the Cayman Islands who cannot afford them



Supporting this initiative is an opportunity for you to make a statement that as an employer in the Cayman Islands, you care about workplace diversity.

Supporters can leverage this opportunity to complement an internal purpose and mission of equality and workplace diversity.

We believe that more diverse companies are better able to win top talent, improve their
employee engagement, promote goodwill, live out mantras of “innovation” and overall, just do good business!

Research does show that when companies commit themselves to diversity, they are more successful

More tangibly, supporters receive proud public recognition through initiative communications (from survey and research tools to marketing and promotions online and offline), an individual copy of complete survey report, and invitation to participate in post-survey focus groups (Gold and Silver sponsors only).

The Committee will coordinate and manage all benefits and relationships.


Gold : CI$2,000
Silver : CI$1,000
Bronze : CI$500

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